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Relaxation Music

The journey through life has provided Terrence the opportunity to learn a great deal about healing in a very personal way.
Since early 1996, he has pursued a path of taking care of the mind-body-spirt connections. While in Montreal he studied various aspects of healing with a focus on the inner journey of human condition. This has enhanced his commitment to helping other people through music and sharing his experience with others.

The same energy which at one time was a hindrance to living fully is now directed to more fruitful pursuits, it has become a great asset. The power and inspiration for his music flows from this energy. Many of his compositions evoke deep emotional responses in the listener. There is, however, a consistent theme in the reactions of the listeners: They find it relaxing. This is consistent over a wide range of people from a 79 year old woman in Germany to a 16 year boy in Montreal (see Listener Comments).

Through questioning listeners and other investigations, it became clear that part of the reason why people felt relaxed was that they were moving inward, to what could be called their "center". This brought a sense of calm and helped them to enjoy themselves independent of the current situation in their lives. When positioned at one's center, it is possible to have more awareness of the different components of the human being: mind, body, soul and heart. Though there can be an energy imbalance between these components, being at one's center helps see the different areas from a comfortable (respectful) distance, without being pulled too strongly by a given component. Processing of the experiences of life, making decisions, identifying feelings and perhaps their source can be easier when "centered".

The ability to center can be learned and with continued practice, can make it relatively easy and quick to go to your own "center". The path for each person is unique and must be learned through practice. As already mentioned above, being centered can improve your ability to make decisions, to process intense emotional expereinces and remain calm in the midst of stressful or chaotic situations. This is the essence of the "Centering" concept: Learn how to go to your own center using music (or perhaps some other tool like movement) to help open the door to the pathways that are already waiting within. Another important aspect of centering is that it can help access what can be called "healing points": points that lie within, places where the answers to problems can be found, the motivation to get well can be amplified, a sense of personal purpose resides or offer insights into what is truly meaningful in your life.

The goal is to combine the passion for composition and music with helping others explore their inner life. Today there is more than enough external stimulation, perhaps too much. What is important is to allow time to also explore and experience the inner worldl: To go on an "Inner Journey"...

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