Celtic Knot

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  • Rebirth
  • Acoustic Duo
  • Sail Away   LYRICS
  • Show Time
  • Spirit: D Major
  • Theseus 1   LYRICS
  • Traits d'Union #1
  • Called It Love   LYRICS
  • Spirit: Joy
  • First Flight
  • Catch Myself   LYRICS
  • Bells 1
  • Beautiful Baby   LYRICS
  • Purchase this CD
    A new CD of music created since coming to Montreal, “Renaissance” is now available. The music has a gentle pulse underlying a variety of styles (meditation, relaxation, songs, acoustic guitar and classical-like).”

    Purchase the CD.

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    "RENAISSANCE" is in 12 countries worldwide:
    Canada, United States, England (London), France (Nancy, Paris, Lyon, Marseile, Gordes, Avignon, Chambery), Germany (Berlin, Stuttgart, Schwabisch-Gmund, Hanover, Heidelberg), Tibet, Argentina, Croatia, New Zealand, Italy (Rome), Russia (Moscow), Japan.


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