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    Senta (79 years): Schwabisch-Gmund, Germany
    "Your music makes me quiet inside..."

    Jim G. (75 years) Montreal, Canada
    "There is kind of heartbeat that underlies all the pieces - very relaxing."

    Eric H. (28 years) Montreal, Canada
    "I can do my tasks joyfully when listening to "Renaissance".

    Gerry H. (63 years) Montreal, Canada
    "You are more than a composer - you are a visual artist too. Your music creates a landscape in my mind that I can explore while I listen."

    Bobby (16 years) Montreal, Canada
    "Your music is calming..."

    Theo, Karin (45 years) Stuttgart, Germany
    "Dear Terrence,
    ...together with your cd. Thank you very much for that. We listened into it right away and we like your music it`s very relaxing. The music is the music style of Theo. ...we hope to hear from you when you come back to germany some time...
    Sincerely Theo and Karin"

    Marie-Françoise, Massage Therapist Paris, France
    "Cher Terrence,
    Quel bonheur de recevoir de tes nouvelles !
    Oui, nous écoutons toujours tes musiques en France, et j'aime beaucoup ton CD que j'ai rapporté de Montréal ! Chantées de cette manière, les voix sont comme des instruments, et c'est très agréable aussi pour le massage ! (...very enjoyable when I give massges...)
    A très bientôt !

    Jerome (research scientist) Montreal, Canada
    "Hey Terrence,
    Wow, I love your disk!!! It is profound, positive and constructive. A very good thing to have such CDs in one's disco library. I really enjoy the different sounds you created, and the voices... I will continue my listening and email you again later.
    See you one day,

    Elizabeth (Spiritual director) Montreal, Canada
    "Hi Terry,
    I had a chance to listen to your CD yesterday and I really enjoyed the music. My preferences go to Spirit: D major and Spirit:joy, very uplifting. I also liked Called it Love, the darkness in it somehow speaks to me but I am not yet sure why. But, my absolute favorite is First Flight, it brought me back to a special memory. Maybe we can talk about it one day. I reluctantly lent the CD to a very good friend who is also a spiritual director and she promised to give me some feedback and to speak to the director of our centre about the music. She also thought that a workshop on music may be a possibility. We'll see. I would like to say that your musical talent is a real gift, something to be treasured and cultivated. I am grateful that you ftook the time to share it with me. Next time I see you, I can pay for the CD and maybe you could sign it for me if I have it back by then?

    have a good weekend,

    peace, Elizabeth"

    Peter S (Train conductor) Sologne, France
    "I don't know if you remember,I'm the French train controlor whom you offered your cd, just before Orléans.with this e-mail I wanted to thank you and that I enjoyed your music too.So long..."

    Gwen (rehabilitation counselor), London, England

    "Hi Terry,
    I bought your CD when I met you in Heidelberg (I'm the Canadian woman who used to dance in Calgary). I do drug and alcohol counselling and I am writing to ask if I might have permission to use your Beautiful Baby song with my clients. It is a brilliant, haunting piece of work which I hope you will take round to distributors...but I would like to be able to play it for my clients as it touches on so many of the issues common to them.
    I won't play it for them unless you authorize it. Please let me know.
    I really love the CD but that piece is definitely my favorite!
    Hope to hear from you soon. Gwen"

    Barb R (Dance instructor) Kootenay Bay, Canada

    "Hi Terry,
    I have been thinking about you and all the other wonderful dancers and our magical time in Germany. Have you arrived home yet or are you still on your adventure abroad? ... I have been dancing and I have listened to your CD several times now. My favorite piece is Beautiful Baby – it touches my heart. I love the photo of you as a small boy on your CD cover. The 2 photos do not look to be so very different. ... I hope that all is well with you. You have inspired me. Thank you for being authentic.
    Love & Light & Hugs,

    Stella (50 years) Nancy, France
    "Hello Terrence ,je suis heureuse de venir te dire : je trouve tamusique belle .;, par moment ,comtemplative , poétique, par moment ,pleine de cette descente en profondeur qui fait du bien meme si çà bouscule , d'autres moments très jeunes comme traversant un champ de fleurs au printemps ...alors mille mercis mille bacci. J'ai aimé te voir danser et donner à notre amie Monique.A Bientôt ,peut- etre , ici l'automne donne des lumières variées et parfois bien douces vers la lente marche des longues nuits .Do you manage with my french? hope it's only a fanny and good exercice for you..Bye, Terrence ."

    Leah (30 years) Montreal Canada
    "Takes me to a place of comfort and quiet. Very inspiring..."

    Suzanne (Artist) Montreal, Canada
    "I used to date a musician and I know how hard it is to create good music and make it sound good on a CD - and all by yourself ! Kudos..."

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