Celtic Knot

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  • Awaken
  • Amsterdam Dream
  • Mists of Avignon
  • Berlin Christmas Bells
  • Mindfull
  • Wistful (Berlin)
  • Mindfullness
  • Esprit de Paris (nuit)
  • Pilgrims' Journey
  • Spiraling Spirits
  • Chant de Joie
  • Paris Spirit
  • Hearts Without Time
  • Shalom Martina

  • The music for "Awaken Within" was created after the tour during the summer of 2005 in Europe. A desire to expand the repertoire while maintaining the same relaxing pulse that underlies the other music from Terrence was part of the motivation. However, the principle reason is his passion for composing music that flows from deep within and to share this with other to help produce an inner state of calm, quiet and serenity.

    (The music is available on CD for purchase directly - Contact TC.)


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